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I Forge Iron

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Well, I finally got time to play around with my little forge and try out a couple of things.


I recently finished up a press break to put bends in angle iron to make some furniture legs that I have had on my list for quite awhile.  There may be a faster easier way to do this, but this is what was in my head. I had to do a little persuading at the second bend, as the metal flared outwards a bit, but I am relatively happy with it.  I need to do a little more tweaking on the break, since the channel I used was not quite up to snuff for the 20 ton press.  In fact, I need to do some tweaking on the press too, but that's what I get for using a Harbor Freight press.




The rectangular tubing I just heated up and put in the press, I was hoping for a more uniform "bulge" more gradual, but I went a little too far.  Also, one side bulged in and the other 3 sides went out.  I will have to experiment with making sure they all go outwards.





The last is a bottle opener from a 16 mm wrench.  I had to push it a little out of round to make it work, since I made the circle a bit too big.






All in all a good learning experience.

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