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I Forge Iron

New, more permanent forge

Simon Wicks

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The time has come to build myself a more permament setup. My wooden frame forge has served its time and is now showing its limitations. It struggles to get larger stock hot and it just too small for my needs.


I have done some research and very nearly bought a BECMA forge. I have however designed my own homebrew version using a ford mondeo break drum as a firepot. The hearth plate is 5mm thick mild steel and the edging is 2mm thick 25mm x 25mm angle iron. Not yet welded, i need to bribe my uncle enough to let me use his welder. Legs will be about a metre tall and made from the same angle iron. I have some 50mm ID steel pipe to connect the blower. I'll make a tuyere plate from a piece of 5mm plate with holes drilled in. My air will be supplied by a fan for blowing up bouncy castles. This forge should be able to use both coke and charcoal. I want to move toward coke as charcoal forging is getting expensive to buy the stuff and i go through it quickly. As i understand it coke should not produce much if any smoke? I have a blacksmith and farriers supply near me so can get good coke.


Here's a pic of my work so far. Its hard work drilling strough that plate steel! I will grind down the lip of the break drum front and back to complete it. The tuyere plate will be bolted on with stainless steel bolts.



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