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treadmill motors


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I have acquired a dc variable speed motor from a treadmill that I will be using on my KMG grinder. I can make it work by using the whole control panel, which includes several programs, etc., and might make an interesting conversation piece,but - I'd rather just have a reostat to control the speed and junk what is not necessary. I'm not an electrical engineer, so I don't want to start messing with something I know nothing about and screw it up. Anyone out there who has already invented the wheel that could help me out? Feel free to reply directly to skipnord@comcast.net

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I also have been keeping an eye out for one of these for the same reason. Anyone have experience modifying the controls on one of these? I can think of a dozen that I have seen along side the road on trash day, but now that I am looking for one, they have become very scarce. LOL


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Hi Steve
I got mine from a used sporting equipment store. If they aren't saleable, they just junk them. I made a cabinet that has the control panel on top, and it almost works. There in a vibration that shut it down - safety switch or something. I'm redoing it with rubber mounts that should solve the problem. I figure it's worth a few days' work to save the $800 it would cost me for a motor from KMG. Good luck in your search.

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