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Jeweller's anvil. Any info?

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I responded to an internet ad a guy put up to sell an anvil he was done with for $300, I went and checked it out, was in pretty decent shape and passed the ball bearing test and all, so I picked it up. Also ended up tempted and bought his old firewood processing saw, for the cool old wide blades, the honda engine and the fact that the frame of it will make a decent work bench, and the feed system could be jerry-rigged to lift logs onto my mill. And we got to talking about smithing and projects and such and before I left he told me he had something else for me and went  back into his house and gave me this little jeweller's anvil of some kind, with a built in vice. The only marking I could find on it is on the end of the handle, (detail on one of the attached photos). A circle with a dent in the center.


So anyone know anything about these little anvils? I'm curious to know about it's history, if it has any at all.

Whatever the case, I think I'll put to use at some point.




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