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benzo mod for the mini forge


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well i have been using a benzy but after taking it to a 20# tank with a adapter was running very reducing. Lots o dragons breath.

I had bought a jumbo torch from benzo thinking it would be better since it says 4x the heat of a regular torch buts its not. I had drilled the hole out on my mini to fit the bigger jumbo head.I tried the turbo to compare then, I noticed after pulling the turbo torch out as i got near the end of the torch the thing roared up the dragon breath went away and it got much hotter. Seamed like it was suckin air thru the excess hole i had drilled in the mini. I went to the hardware store and got a T and some nipple and a reducer to fit the torch head. Put it on the mini but it seemed the flame was to far in the T to do any good.

I tried drilling the vent holes on the side of the torch head out after taking it off the handle. I ended up breaking it off. So I thought I had ruined the thing. After I was looking at the T on the forge it came across that it looked like a stubby side arm burner. Then I stuck just the chunk of the handle with hole in it that lets the propane out in the T. Turned on the propane and stuck a lit stick in the forge and wooomp the thing lit up. Much hotter then just the turbo torch stuck in the side of the forge. Also there was no dragons breath and the flame inside looked good and contained blue, no fire along the top or bottom just where it was shooting out of the fitting.

I also played with a chunk of wood on the side of the T seems to choke up proper. Would go reducing if I wanted but couldn't tell if its neutral or oxidizing since i can't take just the burner out.

So in short it seems possible to build a mini side arm out of the handle of a benzo turbo torch and a T fitting. Use the torch handle like what a welding tip would be. I had just a one inch nipple I will try and get a 3 inch tomorrow and a reducer to fit the handle to hold the alignment. I think it will mix the propane and air better along a 3 inch nipple.


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