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Acquired some spalted maple logs today. Score!

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Growing a mass collection of great wood, I have some 600-800# of Cherry Burl, some 50+ year dried Walnut, Some 30 year dried mahogany, and now found some what I understand, spalted maple and a spalted poplar tree of sorts on my family land, getting wood for a bonfire at our company christmas party. I halted several chunks, and glued the endgrain. Didnt measure the diameter, but will. Maybe 14-16" in diameter for a few. And then of course, I am glad I invest in Triple Bond III by the gallon. Doing one end at a time to get the most glue to stay on endgrain as possible.






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From my experience those logs don`t look like spalted maple, they actually look like ambrosia maple. The color reaching all the way from the center outward mixed with live, clear white wood is why I say this. spalting is the first stage of rot and while it may be capped by white sap wood it usually doesn`t mix with the living white wood. I haven`t had much luck keeping full round wood from splitting at least once from the surface to the heart even if end coated so I usually split it in half lengthwise and coat the split face
  Keep the wood in a cool dry place so rot doesn`t set in and  protect it from the bug infestation and you should be good. Nice find, I look forward to seeing what you make with it.

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Thank you for a lead on an ID. Heres a few pics showing a scrap piece. Found a mill that can cut my wood into slabs.

Edit: Upon further searching now for ambrosia maple, i think that is what i have and not spalted and not any less beautiful.




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