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Blown blower placement?


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 I am building a horizontal forge since I am tired of fighting the vertical when forging hawks and other odd shaped objects and I have a question concerning the placement of the burner. I saw Indian George advises moving the burner port 1" past center toward the front of his horizontal. Others say in the center is best and still others suggest 3/4 from the front. I am putting a thermal-well in to read temps and will be making the length 18 total inches but I am not certain where the best placement of the burner would be for general forging of axes and hawks as well as some larger bowies. I have a HT oven already and dont plan to use the forge to HT other than to normalize so any suggestions on the best placement to minimize a hotspot and increase efficiency? Forward, Back or center?


 I will place the port on a tangent based on the thickness of the insul-wool which till i get the tank apart tomorrow may be two or it may be three layers. The tank is old and has been open with the valves removed for several years and has been filled with water several times only to be set aside but since its free and available it will be what I use. The floor will be 1/2 fire brick with kitty litter on the sides and bubble alumina covering. Of course the liner will be stiffened with colloidal silica , coated with satanite and ITC-100 and bubble alumina up the sides. The blower is running 2" pipe burner from High temp and a 60cfm blower from surplus city. If the 2" is too large I can add a reducer at the air gate and run 1.5 pipe the rest of the way. 


 Any other thoughts or suggestions are welcomed, 







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