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canedy otto blower


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It would appear that the blower is cleaned up externally fairly well. I have used Canedy Otto crank blowers for some time. I have no knowledge of your type although I will assume it is good quality. I sincerely hope that someone has not cranked ( belted ) the blower a bunch on dry bearings. It would appear that someone (perhaps yourself) has added a little oil. Would be nice to see the side with the pully as there should be an oiler on it too. Does the blower turn freely and nicely ? The petcock on Otto crank blower ( when opened ) shows that the sump has oil in it and that no more is needed. Your blower appears to have a petcock drain but I could be wrong. Does the blower hang from a mount on the forge or is it on a stand ? I use Phillips 30 wt MM oil for crank blowers and it will turn well down to single digits farenheight. I converted to electric blower in the shop some time ago so that no longer is an issue ( although it does snow sometimes at an October or November camp but the crank in the trailer forge works fine ). You will need an airgate if you wish to use this blower on a power shaft ( electric or hit and miss ). Picture attached.


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