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BGV Meeting Place

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Here is a photo of where The Blacksmith Guild of Virginia meets every month. To the left of the picture is the outhouse...but this one has a concrete floor, running water, and electricity! LOL!


The shop every other day is "Yesteryear Forge" owned and operated by Mike Tanner AKA "yesteryearforge". I am his apprentice along with his son Josh, and new start up Sarah...his daughter and my lovely wife! We are really grateful for Mike opening up his shop every month for the guild to use. I would like to welcome everyone to pick a day and come down to join us.:)

Sept. 15th: Doug Merkel
Oct. 20th: 2nd Annual Hammer In Randy McDaniel, and several shorter 1 hour demos by several people including: Dave Hammer, and Randy Cox...just to name a few
Nov. 17th & 18th: Interactive Demo by Bill Epps.

I hope you can all come and spend some time at Yesteryear Forge with the Blacksmith Guild of Virginia.



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