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cylinder question

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hey guys, I am building what i am calling a pnuematic treadle hammer,


the plan is to use a 5 port 2 way foot operated valve with a 2.5 inch bore 10 inch throw hydraulic cylinder i have.


my question is, how much weight can i use for the hammer head and still have it retract using 130 psi 60 gallon air compressor?


I am planing on puting a flow control valve on the return side to compensate the speed of the retract.


if you think the hydraulic cylinder is too inefficient can you recomend a pnuematic one  ( I would like a 12 inch throw anyway)


thanks for your help!



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             You might want to post the hp, or cfm ratings for your compressor so as to get more specific information. I have an early version of a phoenix hammer, replete with a 2.5" -12" stroke air cylinder, and if just used for single blows  at about 115 psi, your average 5 hp compressor would do just fine. Oh I forgot to mention, it has a 180lb tup weight with my normal flat dies. Hope this helps some. Take care, Matt   

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Thanks, for the replies!


I have  the typical  60 gal compressor sold at lowe's. i'll check the cfm today. but you guys pretty much pointed me in the right direction.


now to try to embezzle the money from my wife for a cylinder. :) i just don't think the hydraulic cylinder will do what i want.




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Is the cylinder going to be pushing the ram up or pulling the ram up? You can calculate the lifting force of the cylinder from the area of the piston. If the cylinder is pulling the ram up, you subtract the area of the rod from the piston. What size rod? Is 2.5" the actual piston diameter and not the overall cylinder diameter?

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