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blower for ribbon forge


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I am having trouble finding an electric forge blower for a ribbon forge. Grant Sarver (RIP) was selling them (I believe that there were two sizes) but he's not around to help. I have Googled, and gone to the blacksmith supply websites (Blacksmith Depot, Peih tools, Centaur forge, etc). I don't want to buy blowers to experiment with. My forge dims are: 10" high x 12" wide x 18" long. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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With the dimensions of your forge, I doubt that any squirrel cage blower will give you the static pressure that you will need. I use an Eclipse impeller type blower with 2.8 WC which supplies a 4.5" X 9" burner. This blower is similar to the one offered by Pine Ridge Burners. Their website has a lot of good info/guide lines and they sell the following:

164 CFM @ 2.5" WC Static Pressure
Power cord, switch, and intake damper included
Price $220.00

Give them a call. They were very helpful when I was building my forge.

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