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Double-edged Air Force defensive blade


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I'm making a batch of Little Rok knives for an upcoming knife show next month.  Some will be single edged versions, some will be double edged.  The original was part of this solider rig:




I was contacted by a firefighter in the Air Force wanting a small knife to carry as a defensive blade since he wasn't able to carry a firearm due to the possibility of accidental discharge while dealing with flames.  He's deploying to the Middle East soon and needed something quickly.  I sent him a pic of the original Little Rok, and he approved.  So I forged out the batch of knives and finished his first.  While the rest will get Micarta (and one with cocobolo by commission), he requested a paracord wrap.


So here it is:




Steel is 1/4" 5160, handle is black paracord for the underlay and two-strand Turk's head knot, olive drab for the overlay, all impregnated with Minwax Wood Hardener.  Top and bottom edges shave hair.




The sheath is olive drab Kydex with a small TekLok.


If a single-edged version with black Micarta is left after the show, I'll be adopting it for my personal EDC.  :)

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