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How do you like making tongs?


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Two other points:


It's not uncommon for me to discover that I need a particular style of tongs in the middle of a job.  I prefer to stop for an hour, make the tongs, and get back to the job at hand, rather than wait a week or 10 days for the store bought tongs to arrive.


Store bought tongs are rather generic, for holding a particular round/flat/square size.  I make some lantern brackets out of two pieces of 3/8" square.  I have some tongs I made that hold the two pieces together while I heat them up for forge welding.  You could never find tongs like that already made.  Another example is tongs for holding hammer heads, I have one pair that holds the head from the face, the other from the pein.  Can't find those already made either. Yes, I make my own hammers as well.hammer1.jpg

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