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I Forge Iron

Hello from Lookout Mountain, GA


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Hello, my name is Ben Mitchell.

I live on Lookout Mountain in NW GA, very near Chattanooga TN.


I 'inherited' a railroad track anvil a few years ago from my grandfather's estate and got to thinking.

After a little research I welded a little forge out of a car rim, some rebar, and plumbing pipe.  It is now powered by a hair dryer since the old leaf blower died.  I use lump charcoal since I don't have a local supply of coal at hand.


Made only a couple of useful things before I lost steam when I had to move.  I now have a nice stump for the anvil and hope to be making some stuff soon.


I went to one of the Choo Choo Forge open nights with a buddy, but haven't been back since.  I need to clear some time to go again.

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Welcome Ben,
This is a great place to learn. You can talk with the smith at the Choo Choo Forge and probably find a better source for coal. Try to find a blacksmith association in your area to visit soon. They will help you a lot and most of them sell coal at least to members. You are not far from John Campbell Folk school. It is just across the North Carolina line. That is a great place for classes from weekend to week long depending on what you are looking for.
Hope to see some of your work on here soon.

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