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First Knives


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Hello everyone. This is my first post on the forum. These are my first three knives. The materials include an old file, a piece of a hayrake tooth,and a bushhog blade. The two bone handles are from a deer I took last year with buffalo horn caps. The wooden handle is ironwood. The blades range from 4" to about 5"


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Yes I edge quenched and then heat treated them in the oven. Have read of so many different ways to treat that I did each a little different but it seems that 3 times for an hour @<400>degrees brought the blades to a yellowish brown (I assume thats straw color?) then cleaned them up and and sharpened. They seem to hold an edge pretty well and I even used the top one to dress out a deer this past season and it was still fairly sharp when I finished. Don't know if 3 treatments is overkill or not but I read about it and gave it a try and it seemed to work pretty good. Thanks for the comments

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