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ACQ (Pressure Treated) Lumber and Corrosion

Neil Blythin

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So, about six months ago, I made myself a couple of new anvil stands. They were four lengths of 6x6 pressure treated posts, tensioned together with lengths of threaded rod. I also forged a bunch of hooks and such for use with these new stands ... hammer holders, etc.

On the weekend, I went to hang up a hammer, and it's hook broke and fell off. It had rusted through completely! I knew that pressure treated lumber was prone to accelerated corrosion (particularly the ACQ type), but the speed that this happened surprised me. The threaded rod is hot-dipped galvanized, and seems to be holding up okay so far. The lag bolts I used to secure the anvils had started rusting too. They were galvanized, but I guess the coating wasn't as thick.

Looks like I'll have to spend a little extra on material, and re-make all of my tool hooks out of stainless.

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