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Congrats on your first post and welcome aboard.

I have a solid fuel forge and mostly use coal and lump charcoal when I'm out of coal, However there is nothing wrong with what your doing. If you happen to be stuck with no source of coal and have a steady source of wood, I suggest looking into way's to make lump charcoal. Having supply of lump charcoal made up will save you time where you don't have to keep burning down the wood to coals.

May I suggest a couple of things,

1) get familiar with searching the forum, chances are if your asking the question someone else already has asked your question. if you can't find the answer you seek start a new thread. I personally lurk more than post.

2) add your location, so other members can see where you are, and you never know, another member might live near you.

3) Try to find your local black smithing group. If you haven't found it already, having a group of experience smiths you can learn from hands on is invaluable. Hence another reason to add your location

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