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I Forge Iron

Electric Hole Punch

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OK, I'm thinking of putting a bid in on this thing so I need some input from you all as to it's worthyness.
I can't go much more than $50 or so but if you think it is worth more than that also let me know and I'll see if I can talk the wife into letting me go a little higher and if you want I guess the sky is the limit :blink:

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Can't speak to it's usefulness or quality, my only experience has been with a manual punch that always did the job with little effort.
I did want to point out the shipping charge on this, it's pretty steep, I don't think it would actually cost anywhere near that to ship this item unless it was being air dropped overseas.
I am always suspicious of any seller that lists a low starting price, then puts a jacked-up shipping charge on. If they engage in this kind of chicanery, how much can you trust them on their description, or to stand behind the item?
Just my .02

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