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I bought this anvil at the flea market this weekend for $20. It's in pretty bad shape. Someone did a terrible job "fixing" the face and for someone reason attempted to rebuild the broken horn with Bondo...yes, BONDO! The weight is marked 1-0-14 (actual weight with the missing horn is around 115 lb). I can't quite make out the maker. I can't read the first word at all and the second word may be "...IGHT" An early Peter Wright? There's no pritchel hole. Does it look familiar to anyone?

(I apologize for the size of the pics...this is the only way I can get them to work)\



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no guesses, huh? me, either.

I've searched AIA & a couple of sources on the internet and I can't find anything that comes close other than maybe Peter Wright but I don't think that is what it is...or at least it doesn't look like any of the PW's I've seen and the weight markings are much larger than anything I've seen on a PW. The style of the weight markings look very old to me (VERY similar to an Old English style anvil I have) but it doesn't seem old enough to not have a pritchel hole...as far as I can tell it never had one and that part of the heel isn't broken off or wasn't filled in when the face was "fixed".

I guess she shall remain a mystery for now!

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