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I Forge Iron

Sunday Afternoon Project

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Well I finished my Vise Stand by welding in a crossbrace system that I could use to anchor the bottom of my vise to. I made a U-bolt and it tightened her right up. I cut the corner off my vises upper bracket and then forged it into a more rounded shape.

I got my first Coal fire going with the forge out in the drive way because the weather was pretty good today. I found a guy that travels to my area occasionally that sells firewood and coal. I bought about 150 lbs. It was in big chunks the size of big grapefruit so I spent one evening last week breaking the pieces up. The kids thought that was great. So wanting to try out the coal I got a bead on a project I've been putting off for a while.

I made a Case for my Daughter to hold her scriptures for Church in. A sort of leather basket with a twisted steel handle. The trouble has always been that the books would fall out of the bottom when the leather would sag. So I finally fixed it. I took two 1/4" round and twisted and bent them to create a cradle to support the Scriptures. Welded a couple of washers to the ends where they bolt on and what do you know..It's fixed and I think It looks pretty good.

I still had some time outside so i decided to make a backpack rack for the house. Pointed my first rods and made my first scrolls into the hooks. Gave them a twist and Voila...A rack

I was very pleased with todays work. The vise worked great with it's new gear, The projects worked out better than I could have hoped for, and the coal fire was easier to manage and consumed far less than I was used to with charcoal. All in all it was a pretty good day in the shop.





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