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When was my Trenton anvil born?

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Can someone help me date my Trenton anvil? I don't have a copy of AIA (yet). On the front foot from left to right: 014 A20144

It's 12" tall 29" from horn to back, the face is 17"x 4 1/4", the base is 11 1/4" x 13 3/4" the hardy is 1 1/4" not sure on the weight .. Well over 100lbs...

Thank You!!

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Yes , that was my impression also that the trentons had the weight on the left side of the front foot but it is clearly 0 or o 14 and then a space then A20144 ... Doesn't look like there is anything after the 014 but something could be worn away , I will try to post a picture after work ....

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That does look like an "O" in the picture. It looks like maybe they forgot one number.
Upon further investigation, Mr Postman states on pg 339 Anvils in America, " The anvil maker would often put the first initial of his last name to the left of the weight on the front of the foot."
It looks like a letter "O" not a number "0"
Maybe they had misplaced the other stamp needed for the weight or they just forgot to stamp it.

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