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The Metalsmith, our quarterly publication. Vol. 23 # 1 March 1999

I found this surfing around and couldn't find it in an IFI archive search so.....................mb

Pete's Crossword
Little Giant Triphammer Crossword Puzzle by Pete Stanaitis Here's a crossword puzzle for those of you who have triphammers made by Little Giant (Mayer Brothers). Or, if you are interested in getting, using or rebuilding one, give it a try. You may have to do some digging to find all the answers. I involved Sid and Mary Suedmeier in developing this one, just to make sure that the answers accurately represent the clues and, since Mary Suedmeier is a crossword enthusiast, tbat it is "playable". As usual, there is only one correct answer. The answers will be printed in the next issue of Metalsmith. Good Luck.

Across clues
4.When the clutch pulley babbit is repoured, the babbit must be _____ to size.
5. Be careful when handling molten babbit because it is ____!
11. Many users prefer ____ dies instead of the drawing dies found on old machines.
13. Lorenz Mayer made triphammers in _____, Wi. after he & Louis left Antigo.
14. In Little Giant triphammers, the hammer part is called the ____. 16. ____ motors were fitted to many triphammers.
18. You can ship parts to Sid Suedmeier for rebuilding via ____.
19. The hack cuts most of the way thru hot iron, then the ____ finishes the cut.
20. Heavy motor ____ is a common lubricant.
23. The toggle connects the ram to the toggle arm.
24. The "____" style (not size) hammer hits the hardest and is easiest to maintain.
27. A popular brand of triphammer (and what this crossword puzzle is all about.)
30. The telegraph code name for the 50 pound Little Giant.
31. The clutch friction material is mounted on the friction ____.
32. It doesn't matter which ____ the crankplate turns.
34. Abbreviation for the state in which the Little Giant company now resides.
37. The crankshaft runs in ____ bearings.
38. A Die is locked in place by a die ____.
40. The ram in the old style hammer is held in alignment by the wrap around ____.
41. Most triphammers were originally shipped with ____ dies.
43. A ____ is often used to cut off hot steel in the triphammer.
44. In "the old days", most triphammers were used to ____ plow shares.
46. The ____ is the removable part of the anvil on later triphammers.
47. From your hammer's model & ____ number, Sid can tell you who bought it first.
48. When hammer performance starts to falter, first replace the tension ____.
49. Side ____ are used to hold the ram in alignment on new style hammers.
DOWN Clues
1. Your triphammer may "walk" around your shop if you don't ____ it down.
2. Many triphammers these days are being converted to ____ belt drive.
3. To be able to produce accurate single blows add a ____ to the flywheel.
6. True/False: Little Giant triphammers can he rebuilt to like new condition.
7. ____ belts were often used to transmit power to the triphammer's driven pulley.
8. The current owner of Little Giant is Sid ____.
9. ____ , Minnesota is the original hometown of the Little Giant company.
10. True/False: Run the machine with nothing between the dies to test the "action".
12. The part that connects the crank boz and pitman to the arms.
15. The surname of the brothers who started Little Giant.
17. Cast ____ is used for t.he tripharmner frame.
21. Adjust the spring tension so the toggle links are about ____ with the floor.
22. The Easy hammer is a type of overarm or ____ hammer.
25. Frequent ____ is the triphammer's best friend.
26. Molten Babbit is poured from a ____.
28. A 50 pound Little Giant weighs over a ____ pounds.
29. Another name for "flywheel" on the Little Giant triphammers.
33. The color ____ was originally used on many triphammers. (Opposite of red)
35. Cast ____ is used for most of the castings that move.
36. Triphammer rebuilding ____ are held from time to time around the USA.
39. To protect the operator from a breaking tension spring, install a ____.
42. Later model hammers used ____ blocks for clutch friction surfaces.
45. The model name of a small, horizontally oriented Little Giant triphammer. Return to Volume index, or Education index
Article and graphics edited for web viewing by Gene Olson

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