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Interesting forum. I spent a lot of time learning from others. And yes there is a lot of interest in blacksmithing still around.

So I got this Hay Budden anvil (after looking for a US one) and would like help decoding the serial number 14575 on the horn side. It also has 22 on the base. it is 155 lbs.
I tried uploading a picture but failed....

Thank you.

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When you say the serial number is on the 'horn side', is it on the side of the body of the anvil? The reason I ask is HB's usually had the serial number stamped on the left side of the front foot and the weight (in pounds) was usally stamped on the side below the logo. I have never heard of a Hay Budden with the serial number on the side of the body (I'm not saying that it never happened, just that I've never heard of it).

Additionally, where on the base is the '22' located?

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