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I Forge Iron

Howdy from NC!


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New guy here from Wilkes County, NC. Love to tinker, weld, fabricate, love knives and swords. Decided I'd try my hand at making some of my own. Built my forge out of an old water heater tank. I cut the rounded top off, flipped it over, and used the convex bottom to hold my fire. I put a sink drain in the center, ran a pipe from there down and out the side. I had a blower left over from an old Christmas yard decoration that my dogs ate, and used it for my air supply. I'm using wood and regular charcoal right now, and it works, but I'm looking for a source for some coal. My anvil, for now, is a small piece of "I" beam. I'm hoping I can get an anvil in the near future.
Made my first knife from a trailer leaf spring. It turned out pretty good. Not pretty, but I can't bend or break it with a 3 pound hammer, and it's holding an edge well. The tip stayed sharp after poking several holes in an old car door I have laying around. I started my second knife tonight out of an old file.


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