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universal tongs II


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Since I can't even access the original thread now . . .

Sorry if I am spouting disinformation, Grant; I had the impression that you based your "universal" tongs on that set that Brian Brazeal did. I realize there's not much that's new under the sun when it comes to smithing, so "invented" was probably the wrong word. But Brian's were the first ones along those lines that I'd seen.


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Nope, I had not seen Brian's at the time I tooled for that one. Mine were primarily for pipe and angle, thus one straight jaw. Except for the bow, mine are pretty much straight from Lillico. I wouldn't take anything away from Brian's fine tongs, I love all of his work, a real master in the making is our Brian.

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http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/27452-tongs-small-stock-universal/ I made a pair very similar to those about 5-6 years ago but even then I copied them from someone else..I just cant remember who it was.May have been "poorboys" on ebay..Hes been making a selling a pair of "universal" tongs that has a solid straight bottom jaw and a half round upper jaw for a long time...Not many tools out there that havent been done in one form or another already..
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