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T1 Steel

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I have located a piece of what I believe is T1 steel. From looking at the alloy spec. It looks like this material may be good for hot work. The application literature that I have located doesn't really give specific recommendations for applications except maybe for armor plate. What I want to do is use it for hot work tooling. However I need some advice on the use in a blacksmith's shop. How does the high tungsten content affect it's properties. I expect it to be very difficult to forge, but is it ?

Short of laser cutting how can it be cut, is it machinable ?

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Well, there is T1 and then there is T1. T1 plate is a low-alloy high-strength abrasion resistant material. Then there is T1 high-speed tungsten tool steel. Two totally different animals!

Judging from the source it would be the low-alloy high-strength abrasion resistant material. The spec I was looking at was for the tool steel . The two alloy explanation helps clear up some of my confusion, but information on forging, machinability, and suitability for hot work would be helpful.
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