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I Forge Iron

Here in Rio de Janeiro again

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Hey all

Im here visiting family again, and have driven past several shops that construct gates and railings.
These guys as I can tell dont do traditional blacksmith work, but rather cut lengths of tube and solid stock to weld together making simple utilitarian ironwork which is seen practically in every house on every street. While they dont forge scrolls or do any hotwork outside of mig and stick welding- I still recognize the kinship.

I actually saw one of these shops has a very ancient looking and very massive post vice....Im guessing 7inch jaws mounted on what probably is a chunk of rock-hard tropical wood set in concrete. This is as much as I could see sitting in a car 20 feet away while stuck in traffic.

I have yet to see an anvil or forge..

This is a 3rd world country where you see horse drawn carts used on the street along side cars....I see thrown shoes on the side of the road, so I know there has to be farriers around here to fit them onto the horse/mule in the first place.

My question is.....Any Iforge members here in Rio? Anyone who knows of a more traditionally-minded metal worker here in town...perhaps after reading something online?

Anyways.....I have a camera with me at all times, and have already taken photos (at the risk of being yelled at) of some really crazy WW1 era presses and generators at a military museum.

Anyways, wanted to throw that out there

Take care and Ill keep you all posted

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