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Have you been certified under the US EPA RRP Rule yet?????


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Lead in Paint, Dust, and Soil

I know this site is about working with metal but many of its member still work for a living as blacksmiths, fabricators, carpenters, plumbers, contractors, electricians, painters, or any trade that does work in or on places where you may find people.

On April 22, 2010, a law went into effect in the US that will change everything about the way you may work in what is called “target housing” (any one of the following: built before 1978, where there are children under the age of 6, where a pregnant woman may live, three or more rental unites, any HUD or FHA or Federal or State money is involved).

The fine for infractions of these regulations is a whooping $32,500 per infraction. I kid you not.

The time is coming soon where you will not be able to obtain building permits if you or your company is not certified under the RRP Rule (40 CRF 745.223).

Here is a link that will get you started on your journey to certification.


I’m not going to say what I think of all this yet except to say that I spent 3 days taking courses to get the 4 certifications I need to be legal and keep working. Get educated and draw your own conclusions about what these regulations will do to our industries.

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