Graham Fredeen

Newly compleated Wakizashi Sword and Tanto

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Here are the most recent pieces I have finished, both being commissioned work. A 28" straight-bladed wakizashi, and a 12" tanto. The overall blade length of the Wakizashi is 20", and the tanto has an 8" blade. Both are forged, 5160 spring steel, heat treated. I cast the brass collar and pommel pieces, which gave me a great deal of trouble, one of those situations where the right casting material would have made a difference. The scabbards and grips are both red oak, with an ebony stain, and then a black leather wrap.

The Wakizashi blade is engraved with the japanese symbols for Aikido, as per request of the client.

Comments, questions, criticisms all welcome.






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Thankyou all.

Ezra, it verywell could be. I am no expert in japanese weaponry. I just know the standard broad classifications. I just made what the client wanted. He expressed a desire for a short "katana" that could be wielded in close quarters, with a straight blade. The resulting design was that of a wakizashi length blade, but straight like that of a ninjitsu blade. Then he e-mailed me pictures of the Aikido symbols to be engraved on the blade. And then I made it.

I appologize for the quality of the pictures, being so dark and all. I am no professional photographer. Normally I try to take the pictures outside where there is plenty of light, but that blizzard Colorado had a week ago prevented that.

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