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Looking for a new anvil

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watch craigslist, they do come up occasionally- but be prepared to cough up some cash- even beat up anvils will fetch $2..00/ lb and up
keep looking and you may get lucky, i found an 84 pound Arm & Hammer for $40.00 and it is in use-able shape, I would probably fix the edges up if I was going to use it as my main anvil, I like to have some sharp edges on my anvil

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You do not want to have all the edges on an anvil sharp, but a small area on both near and far side of the anvil is quite useful for many things.
As far as repairing an anvil you do grind out the fractured area and smooth out any voids for preparation to weld. Here is a link to the method developed by Robb Gunther and Karl Schuler

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