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Gas or no Gas?


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I am looking to upgrade the forge I have (charcoal) to a gas burner system. And considering I have a particular fondness for not blowing up, is there anything I should, shouldn't or need to do? I am especially unexperienced when it comes to building a gas forge, but I would like to try to build my own. however because of my lack of experience I wonder if I should simple buy Zoellers' Z burners, or take the risk and try to build my own myself?

Currently my forge is set up with a side blower for air and I have it raised and insulated with firebricks. I want to try to add in one or two burners so I don't have to worry about stoking my fire or adding in more charcoal.

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Don't try to convert the forge that you have. Just build a new gasser. That way you will have the option of which forge you want to do what work in. Check out some of the old threads, here, and you may find that it's not as hard to build as you might think. Good luck, and be safe. :D

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