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Looking to stay busy in Portland, Oregon

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Hey all

I pretty much said it in the title....I was told that I was doing great, the bosses liked me etc.
Last week they mentioned something about "Slowing down a bit due to the higher fuel prices."
I didn't pay close enough attention obviously, and here I am with no paycheck coming in.

I'm not a total neophyte, I have worked in fabrication/metal shops operated punch presses, band saws, grinders etc.

I'm not expecting very much to come of this, but I figured I would throw some things out there to see if the spark catches.

I am an "entry level" yet proficient welder with formal training and certification, Most recently with short-arc MIG, but also Flux core. I am capable of doing some cosmetically pleasing, yet durable welds.

I could also bring my own Miller 225 volt CV/DC wire feed welder to the shop if needed.

I am excellent with a hand grinder and had been doing paint prep grinding every day for the past several months.

I have forging skills, but nothing terribly fancy or intricate...If you're doing gates, railings and architectural stuff, I could start making scrolls for example with a minimum of instruction either by hand or with a mechanical hammer.

I also have wood-working experience, can use a table saw, band saw, lathe, belt sanders, tape measure and could be rather helpful when doing installs.

At the very least I am looking to stay busy and build on my existing skills while I look for a full-time job.
I don't ask for much: Training in exchange for doing your grunt work, A good reference and, if you're *really* nice, you could throw some tools or gas money my way.

There it is....if you have any interest in discussing this further please send me a PM or write me at Iain.Heyworth@GMAIL.com



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