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I Forge Iron

The ever expanding trip

Bryce Masuk

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I have been out in ontario for awhile now working and saving up to make this a real adventure

I am going to work with brian brazeal in the middle of may

I have a good Video camera and enough money to head anywhere in the world,
I plan on putting all my footage once its edited and nice for free viewing on youtube and I am willing to record footage for people for their own promotion or instructional purposes.

I want to work in the states and get ready to head to europe and do everything I can in this trip and learn as much as possible

if anyone has work to do and is willing to give me a roof over my head let me know once things are wrapped up with brian I can come and work with you if your interested.

I am willing to head anywhere in the united states where I can learn
you can get me at monsterpirate@gmail.com or 905 462 4596

the most I will be staying in the united states is 6 month's because that is what I am allowed, after that I am thinking england or ireland is where I am headed

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