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Albert River Winery Demo

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Need a few blokes for a demo at the Albert River Winery, Tamborine, on the 12 June 2011 , (2nd Sunday).
Gates open for public at 0900, we're in at 0600. (forges, anvils, yada yada, crane truck from here)

Heritage displays, plus Heavy and Light Horse Cav displays. all funds raised will go to flood assistance.

so far, Grommet and I are in.

dunno what the finnish time is yet, so plan for the day.

contact me to acknowledge availability.

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Coupla weeks old... And ?.....Zach at two or three weeks was at his first bike rally camping...... She took him in the car I took the bm. Lol. She me drive back so she could ride....

go the natuaral birth in a spring on the glacier.... :)

or in the back of the ej ute on hessian sacks.... getting beer...

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Awesome day at the demo. Thanks heaps to matt and pete for all their help, and attendance.. Bit drizzly to start the day bit fined up nicely, decorative fire poker from matt and a dinner bell from pete and matt to the organizer as a birthday present was a big hit. Plenty of interest from matt and Petes artwork attracted more club enquiries,. A visit from lurker, and a tong discussion.
Gidgee timber fire and Billy for tea and coffee, and a free burger and drinks from the organizers kept us, and the bacon & egg muffins on the forge for brelky, a ceremonious dropping of the left over eggs by me.....
Thanks to the Albert river winery for the invitation.

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