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Brisbane club meet 19.03.2011

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Sat 19th March
Drizzle sort of set in after lunch, didn't slow any one down...coupla fire pokers for the weld and eyes,
A quickie twisted hook from some thread from me,..(Jasson's donation of half a ton of off cuts), a tin smithing hammer from Neil.. A rustic knife by Stewart, ,...Paul with a tomahawk from a rail nail...nice upsetting and slitting…. Bitta guidance from Wayne for a young bloke new to the fire...BBQ...
broken top tool, as an example not to harden the whole tool...

next meets are 2nd and 23rd April


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club meet sat 07/05/2011

Guest today will be French Blacksmith, Etienne Defroment.
after a series of underhanded Bribes and coerces... IE; free food...

Mike , ifin youse added " beer " after the free food i mite ave jumped a plane & come up ... :)

Dale Russell
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Club meet on sat the 19th, June,...

September gonna be the block of death tour again ( first week of school holidays) byo everything, .... Will be a couple forges and coke, tucker box freezer, generator, etc, help clear a few trees if you feel real energetic....
Enjoy australias wonderfull bush, many of it's exotic wildlife species, marvel at the diverse range of insects, Arachnida, reptilia. ( specially if you stuff it up and leave your tent open)....take the leisurely 5 klm bush walk,, being followed by the 4' goan....... I mean .... Absorbing the orchestra of the native bird population.......
Open fires and forging all week, spit again on sat night.

Competition for the coolest byo smithy setup,
Best with less comp,
Prizes, beer, tools. And an odwyer no2 anvil.

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