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Hi guys- I have a question: I am looking for an Anvil to use at work in the sheet metal shop. Would one of those 100# Russian anvils be ok for sheet metal forming? I hate the thought of someone beating up one of my good anvils, and it would basicly be one of the "shop tools". I know that sheet metal forming stakes are not hardened, and dent easily if not used correctly. Would I be better off to get a chunk of steel and some pipe to form on? Most of the work would be cold, but very light gauge metal. Any thoughts?

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Use a hardwood stump.Cheap,easy to shape and if you wear it out you can burn it in the wood stove and make another one quickly.
Make some wood mallets/hammers while you`re at it,you`ll need them if you`re doing sheet metal work.
Need a big rounded anvil? Go to goodwill and buy an old bowling ball.

Pass on the ASO,they make good door stops and yard art but not much else.

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