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New From Seattle Area

David Ab

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I've been on the forum for awhile, just found this part of it. I've made a few knives and heat treated some of them with a torch. Had some interesting learning experiences, such as the chisel I heat treated, and then the end of the chisel fell off the first time I put it to wood...

I'm getting serious about it now: building a propane forge, got some 0-1 and A-2 steel, going to learn to heat treat and hopefully make some good quality knives. And if I eventually get good at that, I might even try to learn to make damascus. I'd sure appreciate any suggestions or corrections you more experienced guys would care to offer me now or later.

As a 36-year veteran of the construction and remodeling industry (retired general contractor), I've done a fair amount of woodworking. These days I'm an environmental inspector specializing in health issues- especially air quality and ventilation issues in the shop, home, and workplace, so I'd be happy to try to answer questions on that subject.

David Abbot

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Hey Dave. There is a great local blacksmith community, you should Plan on hitting a Northwest Blacksmith conference, next one is in April. You can find details at the NWBA website at blacksmith. Org. And welcOme!

Thanks, Monster. I checked out your web site, that's some sweet metalwork.

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