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Old farm gates

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Wondering if anyone can tell me the size of iron used in gates similiar to the attached photo.
They seem to be quite common in the UK and Australia . The flat bars across the gate seems to be 25x8mm but don't know what the frame is made of. Is there some kind person willing to go down the back yard and run their tape over one? Not worried about the dimensions of the gate just the thickness and width of the steel.

Thank you Brian.


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in the uk flat iron gates were made from shoe iron ,some with a T bar top rail ,the shoe iron sizes we used were 1 ins by 3/8 1 ins by 1/2 1 1/4 by 1/2 for the farm horses the gate head was punched and the bars passed through and riveted the rest was riveted up using 3/8 round rod and clinked up both sides and a pice of 1/4 flat plate riveted in the corners nearest the hanging end ,they became un economic when the welded tube gates were sold by traveling traders selling from there trucks in the late 60s and we gave up making them ,they were made out of wrought iron and never got painted .

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