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Building a Kagi-ba

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For anyone that might be interested I have started a blog on the building of a Kagi-ba or Japanese swordsmithing shop.

Still in the beginning stages but hang in there and we will cover Forge building, Fuigo (box bellows) charcoal making and the like.

You can find it here.


Come hang out with me- I can use all the encouragement I can get. :)


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isnt this your website? http://www.twinoaksforge.com/

Yep that's me.

I created it about 8 years ago and left it to its own devices, while I dove off into building my own house by myself with occasional help.

post-12685-0-16169100-1295404783_thumb.j post-12685-0-16610100-1295404939_thumb.j post-12685-0-41381700-1295404979_thumb.j

I get close to 4,000 visits a month mostly to the charcoal making site. I am slowly going to morph it from a static site to one that is more dynamic. Katanabuilders is part of the initiative.

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