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Hanging a stainless steel forge exhaust

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I'm using 10" stainless ductwork for my forge chimney. Does anyone know if I can safely use ordinary mild steel for hangers and brackets? I have this nagging feeling that I read something somewhere about inducing corrosion in the stainless if you do that. Some of the brackets will be outside, exposed to the weather.

If the contact of S/S and M/S is a bad idea, can I get away with cutting strips from one piece of the stainless duct as a sacrificial buffer between the duct and the bracket? :?:

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Stainless is just that...stain-less. Introduction of carbon steel to a stainless surface may cause some red streaking but it will not corrode away to nothing in a reasonable amount of time (like a millenium). I would paint the mild steel and put it together. The sacrificial piece may give you some additional peace of mind but it won't prevent staining unless draining water cannot reach the duct.

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