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Die loosen up prevention


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I heard a few people mention dies loosening up on power hammers so with my self made hammer which uses a bolt-on system I incorporated a center pin. This not only might help reduce the risk of something coming loose but also relieves the duty of having to over tighten the bolts all the time in suspicion that it might happen.

I drilled and reamed a 1/4” diameter hole approximately 5/16” deep in the center of the ram bolt pattern. I also put this hole in most all of my die plates so a 1/2” long steel dowel can be inserted upon die attachment. It isn’t required but it is there if I choose to use it. It would only allow for rotational movement of the die should the bolts not hold the die plate securely to the ram. I also keep the bolt clearance holes in the die plates close to the nominal bolt size which I believe helps also. I haven’t had a “loosen up” condition yet and I do check periodically if I’m doing a lot of heavy hammering. Just thought I would post a few pics in case someone had a machine condition where lateral movement was a concern. Spears.

post-9545-0-56977300-1294176909_thumb.jp post-9545-0-22375800-1294176924_thumb.jp post-9545-0-02862600-1294176939_thumb.jp

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