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I Forge Iron

Restored Anvil / Vise

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I didn't know if i should post this in Anvils or Vises. Well, you can tell what i decided.

Here it is. I posted the "before" pics in another thread, but, i will again for the side by side.

Like i said before, it was made by the Adams/Farwell Co. in Dubuque, Iowa. It has a patent date of Jan. 15 1895.








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Too bad someone tried to clamp something too hard and broke the one side. Looks good J. :D

Yeah i think someone either clamped something to hard or was hammering something over the edge. It's just cast iron...not really heavy duty by any means.
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Nice job. Did you just clean it or did you spray it with something? It almost looks powder coated in the new pictures.

I just cleaned it up, smeared grease where i didn't want paint, and sprayed it with a grafite wheel paint.
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