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I Forge Iron

Had my test fire in the new forge today


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Been working on building a Livey style of forge, did all the work myself and had the first fire today. I don't have a nice hand crank blower so I used a bucket wet/dry vac. on the exhust mode. I had to make a swivel plate to have control over air volume, which works really well. I also bolted mine to a nice raised plate from the scrap yard to make it have a base that can set pretty much anywhere without worrying about burning anything.
I also finished a bench to set the whole forge on, made it out of a large oak tree I cut down a couple years ago. All in all, a pretty nice work area.
My biggest problem at this point is getting enough wood to turn into charcoal, I have been burning off the wood gases in sealed containers to produce it. That part is working great, and the charcoal is a very smooth burner.
Hoping for continued success, and that my adobe making skills hold up to the heat of the forge fires.

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