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Curing Time for Castables?

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Man I have been starting a lot of threads but I endeavor to search before doing so. I have tried to look on internet, this site and others to find how long I should let the cast refractory cure before pulling the molds out of the middle and firing the forge. I poured castolyte refractory into a 30 gallon drum creating a 4.5 inch thick roof. Prior to pouring I put in a mold in the center for what will become the work area of the forge. I dont want to pull the molds too quick and cause collapse nor do I want to pull them too late and have a bitch of a time getting them out. So I am looking for guidance on what is the right amount of time to wait. After I pull the molds what is the right time to wait before sticking a torch in and firing it?

Thanks in advance.

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Most castables are green cured within 24 hours, but still a little fragile. I was always in a hurry and fired them right off. Longer time to dry is better. I usually fired them at a low heat for an 1/2 hour then leave them sit for a couple hours to steam out before firing them full on. Your mileage may vary.

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