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Smoke inhalation is no fun.

mark hendricks

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This was first posted by me in July on some of the bladesmithing boards.

I suffered smoke in halation on 6/24/06 while working in my forge. I’m better now, but I thought I’d share how it happened to hopefully help someone else avoid injury.

I use 2 solid fuel forges in side a small metal shed, with 6” flues attached to hoods made from a 55 gallon barrel. The incident happened when I was changing tasks. I finished working in a blade and wanted to weld some cable. I added some 2x4 scrap to make “rafters” for a cap of corn. When I added the corn the fire billowed a huge amount of smoke, filling the small space. I made a hasty exit. Not hasty enough, I inhaled enough smoke, that by Monday I was coughing up phlegm Tuesday I had coughing fits and trouble working Wednesday I went to see a doctor.

I think that larger flues are the answer to my problem, along with a roof vent to remove any smoke that the hoods miss.

Any suggestions are welcome.

As of today I have moved my forging equipment to a larger space and finialy ordered some 12" flue pipe.

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