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NC modification question


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Hi all,
I bought a used NC (one of the whisper lines, I don't know which) recently. Great forge. It is a 3 burner
and goes through the propane fairly quickly. I've turned down the psi as much as I can and still be efficient, but she still sucks the gas.
My question is, can I modify the forge to remove one of the burners? It looks fairly simple to do safely but how would performance be affected and would this slow the gas consumption? I can do with loss of some heat as 3 burners gives me more than I need.
Has anyone tried something similar or is there a gas guru out there that can shed some light on this subject? :unsure:

Thanks folks, John

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Won't make much difference IMHO. It takes that much gas to keep that forge at the temperature you want. Won't matter if you're using two burners or three, you'll still need to burn the same amount of gas.

Be sure your lining is in good condition and you close up any unneeded openings.

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I own a whisper daddy w/open end ports and this 3 burner will use ~2lbs/hour. NC sells the brass nozzles for $1.25 each. Just ordered a bunch of them because the left side of my forge wasn't heating up quite as fast as the right. I have experienced a bit of non-uniform heating when I do my long 10" twists. I have yet to use my forge after I replaced the nozzles. The hole in the nozzles is very hard to measure and with my needle pin gauges, I could depict it to be right around .025". Under magnification I couldn't detect a whole lot of degradation of the orifice, but for a buck twenty five who gives a rip. Keep the insulation and refractory in decent shape, replace the nozzles (make sure they're for propane if that's what you use) and everything should be as good as it can be. I run mine at 10psi on the gauge. Good luck! Spears.

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