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Hi I am new to the site and am desperately looking for specific risk assessment forms for blacksmiths shops and the tools and machinery in it.
I have been a profesional smith for 10 years and because i am taking on an apprentice i need to have health and safety proceedures and am finding it difficult to find the relevent info in the UK. can any one help?

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As you may already know, there is no "official" or defined format for RA forms.
There are some common formats, which an insurer will accept without too much fuss, but outside of that it's pretty much up to the individual to just see that all relevant information is included.

There is an exellent book by Peter Parkinson called "Forged Architectural Metalwork" which has some basic RA form information (to UK standards), and some sample forms which you could easily alter to suit your own situation.

If you don't want to buy the book, or can't borrow it from your local library, then PM me your email addy. and I will photocopy the relevant pages and send them to you.

Good luck.


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