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Greetings from western N.C


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Hey all,been hammering for 2 years now, enjoy the craft and enjoy seeing all the wonderful items created and posted on IFI.Looking forward to posting some of my own work and hearing from others. I'm 24 and currently unemployed,I got laid off almost two years ago from a crappy night shift job at wal-mart. The day after being canned I started building a small shop out of stuff found in the yard and the side of the road.(lol I'm building a better shop now)I may not have a "real job" but after only a short time hammering out things know this is what I want to do.(wish I would have started earlier) Anyway Glad to have a link to so many others that keep the forge fire burning and the anvils ringing!

May your clinkers be few and your wields true!
-Joshua Y

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oh yeah; scheduling has conflicted with me going the past few years though (went to the first one when I was like, 14). You're in a great place to start the obsession, no doubt. I encourage you to go see Bea Hensley if he's still working. He and his son are great guys to talk to, and Bea has done some impressive work in his day (he's getting long in the tooth though). He was one of the preservers of the craft in the post-war lull. Good luck bud

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Yeah... The first time I showed my work was there this year,I know a guy who had his house done by B and study his fireplace and hinges everytime i'm there.(he's geting up there in the years!)They have a power hammer siting ....outside in the rain, it makes me sad. I pass by them often but havent been there in years.


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