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I finally got my Buffalo Forge blower apart that was moving with great difficulty. Fortunately, all looks clean and fine with the all metal gears looking excellent as well. The issue appears to have been old crumbly gasket material that fell out of the join and caked up the gears. My questions are 1) are their any particular precautions I need to take when cleaning the whole thing out, and 2) what kind of lubrication should I use on re-assembly and where?

Also, I just bought a new larger forge with a champion blower that has a blower motor with a rheostat. The firepot has what seems like concrete surrounding that is mostly intact but has a few cracks. Should I repair/replace it? Also the rheostat has what seems like dead spots, that I hope might work if cleaned? Thoughts or advice here please?


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Pics would help, as some blower gearsets ran in oil and some did not. Most of the ones that ran in oil have a second plug about 1/3 the way up the side from the bottom which was a fill point - you opened both plugs and poured the oil in the top hole until it ran out the lower one. Others have bearings packed in grease but take a shot of oil periodically.

The rheostat could probably stand to be cleaned because the taps oxidize and will not pass electricity well. You might also be landing between the taps and hitting a dead spot. In any case, some fine emery paper will polish up nicely.

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