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gigging season in the Ozarks

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Great looking gigs BT. I went gigging on the Meramec River several years ago with some buddies. They had jet props on their boats with generators and halogen lights that lit up the bottom better than daylight. The only guy that had waders was the designated boat pusher when we got stuck. He fell in TWICE. When we got done gigging we had a fish fry on the bank.
He built a fire to try to warm up. It wasn

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Funny story. I have a few gigging stories too, but I won't admit to these on a public forum. :-)

Seriously though, gigging is a great time, especially when you can follow it up with a fish fry on a gravel bar. Nothing like deepfried fresh fish and potatoes. I WILL admit to having consumed a Bud or two while frying fish after a night on the river.

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